Why choose Us.

Laurette R. Fogel, MSW, LISW-CP, owner of Rincon Counseling Associates, LLC, and Licensed Independent Social Worker in Clinical Practice, is accepting new clients for the provision of adult outpatient therapy in Pawleys Island, SC. Treatment is available for post-traumatic stress, substance abuse, grief and loss, depression, and anxiety, as well as other mental health issues. A Relapse Prevention group is offered weekly (size limited, please call for details). Supportive services for survivors of intimate partner violence and treatment of relationship and family dynamics is available, as well as provision of parenting support, and parent education and family life management using ParentsCare© curriculum. Scroll down to learn more about Laurette R. Fogel, MSW, LISW-CP.

Our Mission.

The mission of Rincon Counseling is to provide trauma-informed and evidence-based psychotherapy and counseling services in a safe, secure, and collaborative environment. Rincon, translated from Spanish, means “a corner, a turning point.” It is the goal of Rincon Counseling to assure that as clients make a decision to change some aspect of their lives or address a troubling issue, they should feel respected, safe, and supported throughout their journey to a more satisfying and enhanced quality of life.

What we Do.

Rincon Counseling is a trauma-informed and mindfulness-inspired practice which utilizes evidence based treatment modalities including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), TIR (Traumatic Incident Reduction), PET or PE (Prolonged Exposure Therapy), (TFCBT) trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, MI (motivational interviewing), psychodynamic and mindfulness-based stress reduction strategies.

Owner / Founder

Laurette Fogel

"As a young woman I dreamed of being a mental health therapist and helping others. Life had a “round about” route for delivering me here, though. My first career as a wife and a stay-at-home mother of two children blessed me with precious life lessons and rich opportunities to explore. We lived in numerous parts of the US and in Italy. During this time I developed an avid interest in organic gardening and worked in an organic nursery in Texas. I pursue gardening as a hobby to this day. In 2001, as my younger child approached graduation age, life presented an opportunity for me to return to college and pursue my dream. In college I interned with geriatric, developmentally disabled, medically challenged, addicted, and traumatized populations. After graduation from the College of Social Work at the University of South Carolina in 2010, I worked in hospice social work and became licensed for independent clinical practice in 2013. I am trained in numerous methods of trauma work and certified most recently in EMDR. I feel that my life experiences help me to understand and work with my clients safely, effectively and compassionately."

-Laurette R. Fogel, MSW, LISW-CP

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